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Pulliam Motto:

Leaders Lead

            Teachers Teach           

Learners Learn

Parents Parent

We are all leaders, teachers, and learners in many aspect of our lives.



Welcome To Pulliam Elementary School!

  • Pulliam is in Zone H
  • Grades K-8 with TK- Transitional Kindergarten and Preschool

·         Students will each bring home an information packet the first day of school. We request that all parents sit down with their children to review the contents of the packet, read over the Student Conduct Code book, review and sign the School-Parent Compact, review the Staff Pledge, read the dress code, and post the school holidays calendar on your refrigerator. Library Contracts will also be sent home. Please read carefully and sign. Lost or stolen books are the sole responsibility of the student and must be reported immediately. Report cards and transcripts may be withheld for unpaid fines.

·         We are looking for reliable, helpful, and thoughtful volunteers to help out as much as possible on our campus. Please contact SUSD Police Department Fingerprint office and get fingerprinted. You must also have a current and cleared TB test on file with us. We are looking for parents to help out as yard duty monitors, classroom helpers, cafeteria monitors, hallway monitors, library helpers, and chaperones for dances and Fall Festival booth helpers. We Need You!!!

·         Dismissal time is 3:05. There are three locations only for parents and students. 1) Students who ride the bus home will line up in numerical order behind the front gate until the bus arrives. 2) Kindergarten students will be walked out of the north-east gate and taken to their designated spot where their parents can pick them up. 3) Walkers and students being picked up by car will exit out of the east playground gate ONLY! Parents may wait just inside the east playground gate in the large box area. Adults are not permitted on campus unless cleared through the office first. Students who are to wait for the parents must wait inside the gate until picked up for the day. Students in the afterschool program have designated spots in which to stand until the ASP staff picks them up in their lines.

·         The office telephone is for emergencies only. Forgotten musical instrument, homework, backpacks, field trip notices, are not emergencies. Medical or other emergency phone calls will be made by the office staff on behalf of your child.

·         Parents-Please review your child’s homework each night of the week and sign it before you have them return it the next day.

·         Pulliam Elementary will be opening the Panda Snack Shack this year. Snack Shack cards are $5.00 each and will only be sold on Mondays. Healthy treats will be sold each morning between 8:30-9:00. We do not accept cash at the Snack Shack. Proceeds will go to the Student Activity Fund. Students may only eat the snacks in the cafeteria or after school and must eat their breakfast and/or lunch before they eat their snacks. Littering of the Snack Shack wrappers will result in the Shack being closed for a period of time until the campus is clean. Please purchase these for your kids to help raise funds for activities, give our students something fun and healthy to snack on during their break, and keep our campus clean.

·         We will also be holding the Pulliam Panda Popcorn Party once a month for students who have no absences, no tardies, and no behavior issues, green slips and/or suspensions. Any of the aforementioned will result in a child’s loss of this privilege.

·         Panda Pal Tutoring will begin in September. If your child is struggling in ELA or Math…help is here! Dates and times to be announced.

Morning Procedures

The school will open at 8:00 for students approved to use the media lab. Breakfast will be served at 8:30 in the cafeteria.  All gates will be shut and locked as soon as the first bell rings.  We are doing this for the safety of our staff and students.  If you need to pick up your child for an appointment, please contact the office and let us know what time you will be arriving.  We will have your child waiting in the office.

The warning bell will ring at 9:05.  When you hear the bell you must immediately go to your assigned line and wait for your teacher to pick you up.

Items not allowed on school campus

Students are not allowed to bring the following items to school gum, candy, chips, soda, toys, cell phone, iPods or any other electronic devices.  If these items are found on a student at school they will be taken away and given to their teacher or the administration and must be picked up by their parent.

 Administrative Reminder

It is requested that parents contact the school to set up an appointment to speak with the Principal, or any other staff members.  We want to set aside time to hear your concerns but due to our busy schedule we are not always available  to meet with parents on a moments notice.

Parents who wish to help out with class parties and school functions MUST be fingerprinted and TB tested.  Please contact the SUSD Police Department at 933-7085 to make an appointment.  We need volunteers this year and would appreciate your help.


We have a dismissal policy for all students and parents. Bus riders only will exit out of the front gate by the office. Students are not to be picked up at this gate. Students who walk home or get picked up by a parent must exit out of the east playground gate. Kindergarten students will be escorted by their teachers to the east front gate where parents may wait for them. Parents are not to be in the hallways after school. Students in the after school program must go directly to the cafeteria. They may not leave the campus to talk to friends or purchase items from the ice cream vendor. This will be marked as a tardy by the STEP-Up Program.  


The hallway is the Quiet Zone. Students are to walk directly to the cafeteria in the morning. During recesses and lunch students must remain quiet in this area so they do not disturb classes that are in session.


The cafeteria is for staff and students only unless we are holding a Pulliam assembly or meeting. Students are expected to feed themselves without the help of adults other than noon duty supervisors. Food is also not allowed outside of the cafeteria. Thank you for your understanding.

Let's have a great year! Go Pandas!



Pulliam School Calendar

Today: 6/28/16

School Hours

Office Hours:     7:30 am - 4:00 pm

School Hours:       8:30 am - 3:05 pm

Preschool AM:     8:00 am - 11:00 am 




Fall Festival 2011

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